Hoy, why Hoy?

I am Michael Hoy Briggs. I have gone by “Mike” when I was younger, and “Michael” as an adult most of my life. My grandfather was Clarence Hoy Briggs. He didn’t like “Clarence” so he went by “Hoy”. I like the name Michael, but have found it somewhat confusing as there are many Michaels. The name “Hoy” seems to be Scottish or English in origin, but probably deriving from old Dutch. A “Hoy” was also a coastwise cargo vessel common in England, and the Royal Navy bought many from the Dutch.

I decided whilst in the Virgin Islands to start going by “Hoy” because there are too many “Captain Mikes” around. I am the only “Captain Hoy” in the area that I’m aware of. Now when someone is talking about (or warning about) Captain Hoy, it can only mean me!

Excerpt from Wikipedia:

Etymology 1

Borrowing from German Heu or Dutch hui.


hoy (plural hoys)

  1. A small coaster vessel, usually sloop-rigged, used in conveying passengers and goods, or as a tender to larger vessels in port.  [quotations ▼]

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