The Shannon 38 Cutter

The Shannon 38 is a rugged, long offshore sailing yacht offering preformance to provide exciting coastal cruising.  Every possibloe feature has been incorporated in the design and construction of the Shannon to create seaworthiness, comfort and speed in all the wind and sea conditions.

Over the years, Shannon has established a reputation of building the finest yachts in the world.  Our New England craftsman build to the highest quality specifications creating a yacht with beautiful handcrafted teak joinerwork below, a no-nonsense deck layout, and substantial rig designs.

Excerpted from “The World’s Best Sailboats” by Ferenc Mate:

“…my favorite boats are still long-distance cruisers that can sail the seven seas ably and with good speed, built without compromise in construction or design to serve her crew well regardless of the weather. Walter Schulz’s Shannons fit that description to perfection.”


“people want a boat that is easy to sail and comfortable for long passages….. they want flexible interiors that won’t cost an arm and a leg ……. they want the performance of a racing boat with the storage capacity of a barge. Walter has found the right combination.”


HULL #68

YEAR: 1982

LOD 37’9″

LWL 30’10”

BEAM 11’6″

DRAFT 5’0″ (yeah, right! Closer to 6′)


SAIL AREA CUTTER 703 sq. ft.


POWER: Perkins 4-108

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