Detour: Brest is Best

4 Aug, 1106 UTC.  Last few days have been pretty storm system sat on us for long time and another coming in tomorrow.

We have changed destination to Brest, France. Northof there, toward Falmouth is where the new storm will be.

Yesterday we thought the storm was moving away NE. It stalled and we sailed right into it as it was getting worse. Seas built back up and winds up to 30-35. Surfing down waves, (hit over 13kts),we nearly broached and was very hard hand steering. Crew didn’t have enough experience so Hoy did until arms became rubber, then we hove-to again for last night.

Conditions have eased and the autopilot can steer some of it, but still have to be ready to take the wheel when a wave starts to broach us.

The next storm is coming sometime tomorrow, but dont know the particulars. Forgot to mention, in the first storm we lost the rope and propeller for the towed generator. Looks like a shackle came unscrewed. I am very disappointed. With all the clouds the solar panels aren’t putting out enough. So now we are low on power, and it’s going to cost several hundred to replace it.

imgresJust running along now at about 6kts under genoa alone towards Brest, on a slightly angry sea.

Lat 47.650817 Lon -9.736933










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