Update from Captain Hoy 1/3/19 4:09 a.m. PST

Update. Winds very light last several days. New years eve and day were nice but slow. Still no dolphins. Only one more flying fish and couple small black birds I haven’t identified.

Winds even lighter yesterday. I finally set the MPS, Multi Purpose Sail. Gee, it looks a lot like an asymmetric spinnaker.

It gave us an extra knot of speed, up to about 5 kts. It also smoothed out the motion and was quieter as it stayed filled better and the elasticity of the nylon helps absorb the shock. Unfortunately, I could not keep it from rubbing and catching on the pulpit and rolled up genoa. This morning there was a small tear so I had to take it down. Up goes the genoa and back to goosewing.

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