Update Friday, 1/18/19: Slow going

Flying Fish School.

Darn, lost one flying fish today trolling. Wind died completely so lines were hanging down.
Sometimes we were drifting backwards. Wind so light we couldn’t tell which way it was blowing!

We saw another pygmy right whale!! We were all excited and scrambled for cameras.
I rigged my GoPro on a pole so I could video them under the boat. Naturally we saw no more.
Must have been some loner grumpy old male!?!
Pleasant weather, relaxing but slow.

I expected to be averaging 130 or more miles per day, but we are doing less than 100 I think.
When it’s a nice day like this, we don’t mind much.

Nice food, relaxing in the sun. Watching flying fish, the sea, the sky, hoping for whales, music. Nice.

Flying Fish. Beautiful!

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