Running Behind?

Update from Goldilocks: Slow going. Very little wind last several days. Really needed the spinnaker so i patched it with some spinnaker repair tape and used the sewing machine to stitch it down. I’m not used to such light fabric so it’s ugly but 2 days later and it’s still working. Mostly only 3 to 5 kts of apparent wind so I’m really glad to have the spinnaker.
Completely dark. No moon. Sometimes brilliant stars, but a little cloudy at the moment. Those last thunderstorms that harried us came barely close enough to hear, but not close enough to pose much danger. Knock wood. Apparently, my estimate of 3 weeks was extremely optimistic. 11 days into it and we are still 3 weeks to go. It’s hard to believe these light winds have lasted so long, but we are both feeling very comfortable on the boat. Good food, beautiful skies.

Last night I cooked spaghetti with shrimp and garlic sauteed in butter with tarragon. Yumm. Tonight we had the leftovers with a great view.
Not so sure about Layla’s choice in music. Today she played a song called “This Sinking Ship”. Hmmm, lucky I’m not really superstitious.

Things could be worse…

I don’t think they are that far behind. It is now day 12 and they have travelled half their distance. In fact, they are averaging 100 nautical miles per day. Unless they are spending lots of time tacking, they are doing pretty well. (Mikki)

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