11 June 2015, Departing Bermuda Tomorrow…..????

Been working all day and had some problems and a lot of wasted time.

Problem 1: When putting new sheets on the Genoa sail, found torn stitching on the UV cover. Surely it will rip much more in the 1800nm to our next port. Sail loft can do it if I get it to them quickly.

Problem 2: Can’t get the sail down. Even tried to pull it down using the windlass. Risky, and ineffective. Fortunately with two strapping Danes they can hoist me up the mast quickly, so up the mast I go. The furling thingy at the top is seized. It won’t go up or down. That means if there is a problem at sea I can’t take the sail down without climbing the mast. Not desirable at sea! OK on a tallship, not on a little one that swings back and forth fast enough to beat you up in the rigging.

Problem 3: The bearings in the assembly don’t sound healthy. If they seize, can’t turn, and can’t lower sail, that could be pretty dangerous, so 2 options:

Option 1: Wait a week or 2, spending copious amounts of money getting parts here to repair or replace it.

Option 2: Sail on like nothing happened and use the hank-on sails I have. The new, slighly smaller genoa, the two spinnakers, old, beatup yankee jib if the winds pick up, and perhaps the tiny storm jib if I don’t want to heave-to above 40 kts.

Going with Option 2. Bummer to miss the roller furler, be we can sail a little old school.

Today I also tuned the standing rigging, which I had planned today. Late because of genoa, but got it done.

DSCF4237  DSCF4229 DSCF4231DSCF4234

Assorted cleaning, organizing, minor repairs, etc. Didn’t get to everything I wanted, but good enough. Oh, yeah: cut my hair. You’ll see the results in later posts.  :}

Winds tomorrow are forecast very light so we will have time to work on other stuff then.

A lot of boats left today including a family of four aboard SV Blue Raven from New Zealand (gave us a lift in first rainy day) and many more tomorrow. Last night had a great little BBQ with a Danish family on SV Oasis with 4 kids and a 3rd adult crew. Very nice. Cruising about a year, homeschooling, the whole shebang.

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