2018 Oct 16, At the Royal Cork Yacht Club

This is claimed the oldest yacht club in the world! Very nice place with friendly people. There is currently a funeral going on in the bar, so it’s packed suit-wearing people, so I’m elsewhere sorting out data. I took on 100L of diesel for 90cents/L. I’m happy with that. It was 1.10GBP/L in Oban, Scotland, though last year it was near 70pence/L in Eyemouth as I recall.

Apparently my “Where’s Goldilocks???” link is not updating. It still shows me in Arklow even though when I log on, the map I get is up to date. They seem to be having trouble with their sharing. I hope they get their website fixed soon, but I will continue send my tracks and hopefully you’ll be able to see them soon.

I plan to depart Cork Harbour tomorrow, Wednesday, and sail to Camaret sur Mer. It is near Brest and just south of the farthest western point of France. It’s where I made landfall in 2015 when sailing from the Azores. I like the anchorage except in strong winds from the north. Very picturesque town. Winds should be mostly from N-NE and sometimes pretty strong, 15-25 kts. That could build up some pretty large waves, but It should be a fine trip, albeit cold at night. Nights are 14 hours long now and temp down to 6C. Brrrr. Especially solo when you can’t take off foulies and climb under the covers. There is a lot of ship traffic and that is the biggest hazard. Constant vigilance!

Entering Cork Harbour before sunrise
Entering Cork Harbour
Royal Cork Yacht Club


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