2018 Dec 13, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Got a call last night there was a spot available in the marina. They are packed even though the ARC (Atlantic Rally for Cruisers) has left and dozens of boat with them. It’s their high season and there is  a 2-3 week wait if you want to stay 10 days or more. They give preference to larger boats, and even though they say they are full, there are many slips that have been vacant for many days. 

The harbourmasters are very officious and care much more for their rules than on getting the job done. I have never heard so much verbiage at such a high rate of speed, yet seen so little get accomplished. 

I got to the reception dock at just past 0900 and finally made it to my slip about noon. Most of that was waiting for harbour masters. 

Layla is flying in this afternoon. 

I get a kick out of this place. There are so many young people roaming around looking to be crew. Most have none or very little experience, but several solos and couples come around in dinghies in the anchorage, or mostly walking the pontoons and waiting for someone to let them in the locked gates, either with signs, or handing out pages or cards describing themselves and how they want to sail across to the Caribbean or South or Central America. Some of they seem really great and hard workers. If I had need of more crew this is the place to be. My hardest parts of this passage are already behind me,so no go. It’s a fun place. We have a guy from Latvia who is a yoga instructor, a Polish teacher on a year off, A Polish young woman and older Englishman with no experience, but he plays guitar a little and she plays violin. Very vivacious. More French and Spanish and American and German. It’s quite the crew available here. A smorgasbord of labor. 

Oh yes, and there is siesta. Shops are mostly open from 0900 to 1300, then closed for siesta until 1600 then open 1600 to 1900. Takes a little planning to buy something. 

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