2018 Dec 27, Leaving Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Today Layla and I finally depart for the Caribbean! We have been putting it off, trying to enjoy the island and our time here, but it is time to go. We met some very nice people and I’d like to spend more time here, though more on other islands. Las Palmas is pretty industrial. A good place to get things done, but not as beautiful as it could be. 

Winds are a little light to start, but from the NE, so perfect for sailing SE to get offshore, then turning SW toward Cape Verdes. We don’t plan to stop, but there is a high pressure area NW of them, so going closer to Cape Verdes should get us a little better wind. Looks like light downwind sailing most of the way. We might have to bob around a couple days while the high pressure zone fills in, but I think it will be a nice passage. Knock wood.

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