2018 Nov 29, Muros, Spain

Muros is a nice, small old town on the NW coast of Spain. We went into the marina there because the incessant south winds wouldn’t let us get south.  We got in about 23 Nov. Weather was generally cold and rainy. I got some maintenance done on the boat and a little walking around town.The long siesta, from 1 or 2pm to 5pm meant that most of the time I  went out everything was closed. 

They did have a great farmers market on Saturday morning and I got some fresh veg. Nice little town, but late November is not the season I recommend to see it 

We’d been waiting about 10 days for a weather window to leave Muros. Luckily the harbormaster, Pedro was the friendliest, most helpful harbormaster I have ever met. He made the experience much better. Facilities were pretty basic, but everything worked and the rate was great. 14.xx euros per day with an extra discount for staying as long as we did.

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