2018 November 16, Brest, France to A Coruña, Spain

We finally made it to Spain!! If we had fair winds we would have gone straight down to Canaries, but as there was a large storm to the west and winds not at all good for getting south, we stopped at a marina in A Coruña.

This is a short description and I expect to fill it in later but I wanted to get some info on here.

I saw whales!! A pod passed us going the other way at about 200m. I guess at least 5 individuals. I saw 3 spouts at one time. Only once did I see a breach, just a back with a prominent dorsal fin. I have not checked to see what kind they are, but offhand maybe Grey or Minke whales. ???

Approaching the coast of Spain.

Not a bad swell but still breaking big on the shore about 2nm away. 

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