2018 November 4, Lords of the Ocean!

Next to Goldilocks in Marina du Chateau, Brest, there is a boat a little bigger than Goldilocks with a banner on the bow “Lords of the Ocean”. Three men and one woman appear on the graphics and they are planning to follow me to the Caribbean in January with the intent to dive with sharks, and make serious videos of the whole thing, and a movie later. I spoke with Jerome, the Captain. They seem a nice crew. This will be their first transatlantic crossing, but having a definite goal gives a purpose to the preparation. They seem to be getting it all together. I hope I get to see them over in the Caribbean, but their plan is to go nearly straight to Mexico.  I’ll be in the Virgin Islands by then. They intend to dive in the Bahamas, then at some point, Panama Canal and diving in the Pacific.

Later I got a ride to get groceries from Manu (Emanuel left) who was very friendly and helpful. Capitan Jerome on the right. Great guys. Best of luck with your project.

Hoy-Bob says, check it out!

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