July 3 2016, Hoy: not such a good name here!

in Dintelmond, NL at the Jachtcentrum (marina)

Woke this morning with a start, adrenaline flowing, fight or flight response to the sound of rapid beating on a boat and a woman yelling “HOI”!!
It turned out a young boy was running down the dock and making the wood slats resound like banging, and “Hoi” is a greeting, like “Hi” or just a shout to get someones attention.
Whew!, no emergency, but not a good way to wake up. 🙂

Yesterday I had breakfast with a Dutch couple, Hans and ….on Isabella, a 39ft Naiad.
They are starting a circumnavigation Sunday! I gave them some extra guides and charts and a little information on the eastern Caribbean. They bought the boat three years ago for this trip and have been preparing ever since. They are naturally excited.

It’s been pretty dreary weather. Rain several times a day and mostly heavy cloud cover. Every once in a while the sun peeks out. Chilly too. Highs of 16-17C.

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