One Month Anniversary

6/23: 1151 UTC.  Wind clocked to west last night so we slowed a bit but it’s a much better ride. Still about 18 kts true wind making 5.5 kts boat speed on a broad reach. Funny how the wind speed and seas, 1-2 m, are the same, but it feels so much more pleasant.

So yesterday we made 155 nm! The 1-2 kt current going our way made a huge difference, but anyway you look at it that is excellent. The previous 24 hrs we made 52 nm. That is why I keep using 100 nm as my 24 hr average. If this keeps up we’ll make 120 nm today.

With the storms to the north, they should keep the wind blowing. 650 nm to go, reckon 5-6 days. Day 11: Yesterday was our 1 month Anniversary! I wondered if Anders and Simon were going to give me a ring, but no go. I’m sooo disappointed.

Lat 36.812332 Lon -42.295197

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