Preparations for Europe are in High Gear

I anchored by Water Island about a week ago, across from Crown Bay Marina on St Thomas to get some supplies, like antifouling paint and paint supplies. I have been in buying frenzy mode, but some items are still coming slowly. On the way are a new dinghy that I can roll up and store easier. Also an EPIRB. That is an Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon. I have a liferaft that I bought in Grenada, but without a way for searchers to find me that’s no good, but with a liferaft and EPIRB, rescue could be expected in a couple days anywhere in the world.

Also on the way are a new Samsung tablet, upon which I plan to load Navionics navigation app, and charts of Europe as a backup. I have to order charts for the chart plotter from England since no place I can find here or in the States has them. Satellite tracker, Weatherfax software, a heat exchanger ($700) to replace the one I repaired in Martinique. A large variety of spares for rigging, the toilet, filters, zinc anodes, remote for the stereo, etc., etc.. The money I made is disappearing fast!

I expect to haulout in the next couple days to paint the bottom and do some quick maintenance, but must keep it short. The goal is to depart Bermuda the end of May. That’s tight, but I’ll be close. If one leaves too early the storms are fierce. The risk of being too late is that winds drop off and it will be a slow sail across.

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