The Race Begins…


1200 utc. Saw a sail! First one since bermuda. It’s It’s a solo sailor, François aboard Espador, a blue hulled ketch. He asked me for a forecast, which I gave him. He sailed direct from St Martin bound for Horta, so we’ll see him there.

Nice to see another boat, especially because we passed him. Not that we were racing. ����


Wind clocked to NW or NW and dropped to 16-22 1200 UTC, so it’s a much more comfortable ride. Last night was pretty hard. It is still not comfortable by any means, but not so horribly noisy with the genoa filling and collapsing.

We finally dropped the mainsail completely in the dark, which helped keep down the outrageous yawing, proceeding under genoa alone. We made great time though and still are doing well.
We are making 6.5 kts boat speed toward Flores (pictured above), just north of Faial, our destination.


Lat 37.122748 Lon -39.009618

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