3 chefs…1 meal

26 July, 1337 UTC. We made 113nm the last 24 hrs. Pretty strong winds and seas mildly uncomfortable. Food: very simple. Nobody had much desire to cook or eat a lot. Lots of little sandwiches with ham and cheese, raw carrots, trail mix, chocolate. You know, … health food.

Today winds eased and we made fried potatoes, bacon and eggs. Yum. Kind of a community effort, as the first cook got queasy and laid down, then the second cook got queasy and went back up to the cockpit to watch the horizon, then the third cook finished it off as the winds picked up and utensils and plates began sliding more and more vigorously about the counter. Very tasty, and a greater sense of accomplishment than on land.

1520 UTC and 825 nm to go.

Lat 43.668992 Lon -23.183877

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