On Uncooperative winds

0658 UTC. OK, this is starting to suck. Usually when I look at weather in this area, it has systems, often cyclonic, that move through relatively fast and the wind seldom blows from the same direction. We have had this ENE wind for over 24 hrs. Sometimes it eases and we can fly the genoa, but as close hauled as we can get, we cannot move toward our target.

Plus it getting cold! Water temp is 49F and dropping. Air temp is biting and I’m searching for extra bits and bobs to keep the chill off.

This is one down-side of leaving the Caribbean. It may be a few days before we make it any closer to Falmouth. Saturday we may see the highest winds on the voyage so far, so keep watching!

Lat 47.144393 Lon -21.637617

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