6/27: Next stop…Horta


1616 UTC. Yesterday was day 14! 2 wks in and 1543 nm from Bermuda, so we are doing a little better than the standard 100 nm per day. That put us within 247 nm of Horta.

Now we are less than 140 nm from Horta. If our speed keeps like this we may make it tomorrow evening. It’s still light until about 9 pm. We’re counting on that.
We saw a pod of Pilot whales today! They were heading the opposite direction so we barely saw them, and no time to get cameras,, but the first whales we’ve seen.

The autopilot hiccoughed again and I had to go into the locker to fix it. Glad it waited until we are so close. We could hand steer the rest of the way if needed. I tightened it back up. It’s due for a major look-see in Horta.

Like Captain Ron says: “if it’s gonna happen, it’s gonna happen out there.”

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