6/28: Breaking Bread and Wounding Whales

0820 UTC. Last night the wind dropped away and I was faced with two choices: 1- sail at 2.5 knots and wait another day to get to Horta, or 2- Turn on the Iron Genny, the D-sail, or, as I prefer, the Sailors Lament.

I have grown to love my engine as it has gotten me out of a few scrapes, yet I always feel a failure as a sailor when I have to turn it on. I ran it until about 0730 when I got a decent puff and set the spinnaker. Engine off and I’m making about a knot more than with engine (@1700 rpm).

10-11 kts wind from the stbd quarter is giving me 6.2 kts of boat speed. Much better. I do see some tears in the reinforcing patches at the clew and tack so the spinnaker also needs some repair. Let us hope it lasts the day.

breadI think I’m getting a little better at baking bread underway. One loaf split between 3 men is just a wee snack, so I baked two loaves last night. Now that’s a bigger snack! It still didn’t make it past the peanut butter/jam or hazelnut spread phase, but was much enjoyed.

1450 UTC. Wow! We hit a whale!
Don’t know what kind. Not taking on water as far as I can tell. Will have to check for damage when there. He looked dazed and was surrounded by a big brown patch, perhaps krill. The patch was there before we collided. Big bang.

Felt like a very big wave, though a little more solid. Of course it was Anders on watch.
Wow! Glad we’re on a tough boat!

1855 UTC. Cleared in Horta. Painless.
€13/night at the dock. €2/ shower
Then off to the bar!

2 thoughts on “6/28: Breaking Bread and Wounding Whales”

    1. Well, OK, maybe a little terror. Wondered if it would attack us, or if it had a Mum that would attack us.

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