Slowly but surely…headed north

Screenshot 2015-06-01 14.06.386/1/15: We have been working our way northeast to find wind, but too slowly. The high-pressure zone caught up with us so we had lots of calm.

Today we had a number of light squalls, which brought enough wind to keep us moving. Although not very fast and not always quite the right direction, we are now slowly going north.

Bermuda or Azores, that is the question.  The first couple of days was beautiful sailing, but yesterday was very changeable.  We tried the spinnaker but there was not enough wind so we motored for 5 hours.

Now it’s just wet and roll and waiting for wind. About 9 flying fish on deck so far.  It was a beautiful sunset last night. No boats, but 5 ships within AIS  range.

Lat 24.56366 Lon -61.506207

4 thoughts on “Slowly but surely…headed north”

  1. Looks like you might be heading to Bermuda. Watch out for the triangle – I heard things get lost easily in there and are tough to find ;).

    Are you doing any trolling? I’d imagine the flying fish aren’t very filling. Maybe they’d make good bait.

    Glad to hear things are going (relatively) well. Take lots of pictures! Has the crew mastered the fine art of mixology on the high seas?

    1. Hi Lisa,
      Yes, we are at the tip of the Bermuda triangle. Not lost anything yet, except my memory, and that was because of the gin, not any geometric shapes.
      We plan to leave Friday. Having a hard time getting the site updated. Hope you enjoy it! Great trip so far. Crew is great. Boat is great.
      Not trolling much because the fishing lines would get tangled with the towed water generator. Fished a little when we were becalmed, but nothing caught. Hope to have better luck to Azores, but doubt we’ll get to fish often and hear people don’t catch much in open ocean. Guess we’ll just have to eat a lot of pastafish and ricefish.
      Flying fish are pretty small and not enough to make a meal, and get stinky too fast for much use as bait. Maybe we’ll have more in future.
      No drinking on high seas…..well, not much. They like my mixology and have not displayed their own. Mostly Grog!

  2. Hallo
    It is very exciting to follow your sailing to Europe, particularly when our son Anders are along for the ried.
    Good trip

    1. Hi Jorgen,
      It is a pleasure to have Anders and Simon aboard. They are great crew and the trip is going very well. We plan to leave Bermuda Friday. Thanks for loaning me your son. He’s a good one!

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