To Bermuda!


6/2/15, 10:00

Screenshot 2015-06-02 10.52.26We are making about 3 knots at 340 degrees nearly straight toward Bermuda. Winds are light but report is no wind to my west.

We are planning to go into Bermuda to top off water and fuel, though we have only motored about 5 hours, = about 4 gals. We motored slowly.

Today is beautiful, sunny, and calm. Set the asymmetrical spinnaker this morning and the ride is much better. Last night was very noisy from genoa flogging, and creaking from the boat, jars and cans knocking. Light winds and rocking seas are the worst next to big storms, Lee shores, dangerous shoals, etc.

Lat 25.401335 Lon -61.637613





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