Away we go!

Screenshot 2015-06-19 10.22.316/19: We are moving right along making 5-6, sometimes 7 kts. Over the last day we were trying to get north to latitude 37 for good winds from SE.

That done, now we are angling back ESE to avoid ESE winds here tomorrow. We are close hauled and going to windward as tight as we can.

Apparent Wind is 45 deg on starboard bow and creeping up to 18-19 kts. Double reefed mainsail, staysail and no. 2 genoa. Heeled pretty far.

Simon cooked a pasta dish with spinach and clams. He said it is the hardest dish he ever made. That is because every time you set something down, it takes off. Lots of gravity, various other accelerations and not enough friction. I have the harness and stovetop fiddles well sorted but could use a gimbling counter and sink. The stream of water flows down and hits the counter because the sink is beside it. A constant source of frustration.

I just baked a loaf of bread and we are all looking very forward to that. Small and more dense than I’d like, but very tasty and popular with the crew.

Anders saw another pod of dolphins. That makes two pods so far, and one sea turtle. That’s pretty far out for a sea turtle!

I was expecting more light wind and spinnaker weather than we’ve had, but we have been moving at a pretty good pace toward Horta, so no complaints. Really, really glad I have my buddy John on Satellite tracker with weather routing because I’m not getting much on single sideband radio.

Overnight pretty stiff sailing. 17-21 kts wind, sailing close hauled with double reefed  main, staysail and no. 2 genoa.

Heeled way over with rail buried quite a bit. These sails really all I have to make it to windward, so away we go.

Lat 36.456242 Lon -52.295543







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